There are cycling podcasts that recap UCI WorldTour professional racing events and review the latest high-dollar cycling products on the market, and I personally find those interesting and frequently listen to them, but for the average cyclist - the college student commuting on a single-speed with some Thickslick tires, the mountain biker, the casual group rider, the Strava KOM/QOM hunter, the gran fondo or amateur racer, or the indoor exercise bike rider on a Peloton or an Echelon - a relatable cycling podcast didn’t exist until now.

My name is Jake Griner and I’m the coffee-loving, road cycling and music junkie host of The Coffee & Cranks Podcast! My goal is to connect cycling with life through interesting interviews and topics like group rides, events, training, amateur racing, commuting, coffee, culture and more!

So grind up your favorite coffee beans, fire up your coffee maker, and prepare your ears.




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