Dereliction of Duty: An Ode to the Importance of Group Ride Etiquette

Cycling has encountered more enemies than any other form of exercise.
— Louis Baudry de Saunier, 19th century author

Mistakes happen. We’re only human; however, negligence and blatant disregard are not mistakes.

This episode focuses on the importance of group ride etiquette, not so much about Velominati rule infractions and verbal lashings that you’d hear from your local “olde guarde”, but instead, the implications of pure negligence on group rides and the potential impacts on the public perception of cyclists, the advancement of advocacy efforts, your local cycling community, and even the business of your local bike shops.

Remember these things: it only takes one bad line of code to crash an app, one cigarette butt to cause a brush fire, and one rider to cause issues for an otherwise docile and tame cycling community.

I’ve included some relevant and resourceful YouTube videos from the almighty Global Cycling Network. Scroll down to enjoy!

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