eBikes, eSports, and the Future of Cycling

Electricity is really just organized lightning.
— George Carlin

This episode is the first in a series that looks ahead to the future of cycling, not just as a sport, but as a mode of transportation.

eBikes are all the rage right now, both figuratively with bike shops and new customers as well as literally with traditional, “naturally aspirated” cyclists; however, trial and error ushered in this new era of cycling, and it’s taking off! The UCI now sanctions an eMTB World Championship!

In this episode, I’ll chat about what an eBike is, the first eBike inventors, the 3-class system, and more. I’ll also be discussing the rise of eSports and its effect on the cycling world via Zwift, which now holds national championship races that are formally recognized by three European countries!

The future of cycling will certainly be interesting if we welcome change. I hope you enjoy this episode. (P.S.: Drink great coffee from folks like PERC COFFEE ROASTERS!

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